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Gökhan Fırat – 2nd Translation Village Event

Gökhan Fırat

Gökhan Fırat

Jumping into his educational and professional life in Gebze, a city that sits on the intersection of migration routes, Gökhan is the third child of a bilingual family. Forgetting the first language he heard and taking an interest in Western languages, Gökhan sought to continue his language education in Trakya University, Department of Translation and Interpretation (English).

He played an active role in Trakya University Translation Club (TÜÇEV), The Union Translation Students (TÜÇEB), Translation and Interpretation Association Turkey, Editors’ Platform and Publishing Workers’ Platform (YEK), and focused on the Translation Village Project after moving out of Istanbul.

Gökhan has been working in the translation industry for almost eight years in various roles. After completing his undergraduate education in Translation Studies, he worked for various publishing houses as an editor, copy-editor and book translator. After 5 years in the publishing industry, he made a career change and began working as a project coordinator, technology consultant and trainer for leading translation and localization companies in Turkey. He also lectures about the effects of technological developments on the practice of translation at various state and private universities, and is also one of the members of first Elia Engage Committee.

One of the managers of Localex Language Services, Gökhan is now serving as the Business Development Manager with a remote working model, living in the island of Imbros.

He’s working on a MA thesis examining the effects of recent developments in translation and technology on the translation industry and life in particular, as part of his education at Boğaziçi University Translation Studies Department.

The Books he translated include A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens), Making the Future (Noam Chomsky), The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, “His Last Bow”, (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ed. Leslie S. Klinge), Embrace the Night Eternal (Joss Ware) and City of Tranquil Lights (Bo Caldwell).