Translation, Nature and Technology

The first of the Translation Village events was held in Imvros (Gökceada) in July 2017, titled “Translation and Nature Summer Camp”, and now the second event will be held in Izmir-Sirince Nesin Mathematics Village, titled “Translation, Nature and Technology Spring Camp” on March 16-18, 2018.

“We have started this journey to learn together, produce together, consume together, and search ways to live together in harmony and to find solutions for our humanitarian and professional problems.”

Machine Translation, being developed since 1949 have evolved to a new level to whole other aspect in 2016 and its direct consequences may influence both our daily lives and our vocational practices. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) that is introduced and made available for public by Google Inc. in 2016 and the following developments are viewed as a milestone in the world of translation.

With the help of this event where renown people from important translation institutions will be gathered at the first days of spring at a locale in nature, we will be discussing the past, present and prospective consequences of (Neural) Machine Translation emerged with the progression of technologies that has the potential to affect the human history profoundly.

We would like to welcome everyone who wants to get an update on the field of translation and contribute to the discussions at “Translation, Nature and Technology Spring Camp”.

The language of the event is Turkish and English. We will provide simultaneous interpreting during the event.

Event Planner and Coordinator: Gökhan Fırat

Event Organization Team: Bekir Diri, Murat Us, Alper Çalık, Hakan Meral, Gökhan Doğru, Ezgi Atar, Ufuk Yılmaz, Aykut Baytar, Aylin Yılmaz, Hülya Kaya Baylan

10:00 AM

What is Translation Village Project?

Speakers: Bekir Diri, Gökhan Fırat and Murat Us

11:30 AM

(N)MT and Post-Editing 101

How will (N)MT shape today’s translators and editors workforce?

12:15 PM

01:30 PM

Current and Prospective Effects of (N)MT and Post-Editing on Turkey’s Translation Industry

Turkey’s translation industry is still at an early stage of development and is riddled with many problems.

03:00 PM

Translation Quality Standards: Current and Prospective Effects of (N)MT and Post-Editing

What will be the brand-new standards and evaluation tools to be created with this new identity at the industry?

04:30 PM

Panel for Linguists: Current and Prospective Effects of (N)MT and Post-Editing on Linguists

What will be the position of human translation in the attainable future?

10:00 AM

Current and Prospective Effects of Today's Technologies on Interpretation and Interpreters

Remote interpreting technologies make most of interpreters feel like a lonely penguin.

11:15 AM

(N)MT Project: A Case Study

Speakers: Cenk Yalavaç, Serkan Haşlak and Mehmet Kır

12:15 AM

01:30 PM

Panel for Academicians: Current and Prospective Effects of (N)MT and Post-Editing on Academy

Recent developments in translation technologies have changed the field of translation and interpreting in different ways.

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